But why then “Life Without Rules”? Because everyone has their own visions! Mine are such and the name of the blog is the way I re-paraphrase them! The point is that we should not pay attention to every single thing that bothers or annoys us in our everyday life.  Just because not all are worth the worries. At a time when the nerves are a limited series, it is healthy to not care too much and this turns out to be one of the most meaningful philosophies of today’s life. About that I think whatever I want, I disagree on matters that are unsuitable for me; I fight for my rights. I have yet to come face to face with injustice in life. I haven’t seen almost anything from the sour reality. Everything comes down to either fighting for the freedom of your personality or being a slave to someone else’s interests. Someone can try to make you feel guilty, try to break you down, but your psyche must remain iron! The free spirit is the greatest wealth. The Rule “Simplify! Simplify! Simplify! “Is trying to remind us that nothing is as dramatic as seems and that the ability to say “I don’t care” automatically saves you from a lot of tears.


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